Meet the parent

Father rang while we were on the way back from the christening on Sunday and he came round after we got home.  I told him and he was like “yeah, whatever you want sweetheart, you’ll always be my daugh… offspring”.  I tried to explain that I was actually his son – at that point he left hastily like he’d been shot out of a cannon.  Still I guess it went better than I could have hoped for although our relationship is so relatively poor that it wouldn’t have been a great loss if he’d rejected me.

Less than 18 hours later I’m fuming.  Voicemail and a note through the door in my deadname – seriously you weren’t listening at all?  I ignored it and he was pretty pissy when he turned up at the door this morning.  “Did you get my note?”, “Yeah but I didn’t read it because it wasn’t addressed to me.”


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