If it’s on Facebook it must be true

December 16th 2017 3pm

Hello Facebook, some of you already know, some will have guessed and some of you will have absolutely no idea (or even care). I have changed my name because I am undergoing gender reassignment.

I understand that some of you will think this totally ridiculous or find it in some way offensive. To those people I say “Find the unfriend button, push it and have a great life” . I’m hoping everyone else will be cool with it and to those people I say “Hello, I’m Jonathan pleased to meet you.. “

I changed my name on Facebook and nobody seemed to notice.  I was cool with that but then I received a couple of private messages asking me if I was who they thought I was.  I gave it a lot of thought before posting on social media.  I’m not ashamed of who I am or want to keep it a secret but I didn’t want a drama fuelled, ‘tormented soul’, coming out declaration either.  I was pleased with what I wrote – a factual, no-nonsense, this is how it is post (composed while having a cooked breakfast in Morrison’s cafe – my best work often inspired by bacon!).

I’ve got 1,400 friends on Facebook, most of them acquired through online gaming and as such are total strangers to me.  It was important to me to acknowledge that some people would be appalled by the notion of transitioning and find it abhorrent or ridiculous.  I’m an ordinary bloke, not a trans activist – I’m not interested in changing the hearts and minds of all the bigots on the planet (don’t get me wrong it’s a worthy goal but I’m not the man for the job).  Anyone who couldn’t deal with the truth about me was invited to remove themselves from my circle – I think about ten have left in total over the last couple of days.

I’m overwhelmed by the support and how positively the post was received – nearly 100 likes/loves and over 80 comments.  Virtual strangers congratulating me, saying how proud they were of me and how they wish me luck.  The messages from people who actually know me were equally encouraging.  I hadn’t really considered that some of my family are Facebook friends and so I was quite surprised when one of my cousins commented that real friends and family will love you no matter what.


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