The doctors surgery rearranged my appointment with Kim to Dr Patel because she didn’t feel confident prescribing the hormones.  Had the appointment with him this morning and he’s reluctant to initiate the bridging prescription.  He’s had a meeting with the community pharmacist and is happy with the idea of a bridging prescription but doesn’t feel comfortable starting it because he doesn’t feel confident prescribing off licence without having more expertise.  Apparently he’s contacted Leeds GIC but they’ve been less than helpful.  I was disappointed but not entirely surprised.

I mentioned the possibility of getting the prescription initiated privately through a gender specialist if he was willing to enter in a shared care agreement and continue the prescription.  He had no problem with that and seemed visibly relieved.  I’ve booked in to see Dr Myskow in Edinburgh.  I can’t believe I’ve managed to get an appointment on February 19th – I was expecting to wait a lot longer for an appointment.  I’ll need at least two appointments to secure a prescription and the cost is more than other private clinics such as Gender Care but since their waiting list is months rather than weeks I’m happy to pay the extra.

I’ve booked the day off work and booked the train tickets so now all I’ve got to do is wait…

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