Beardy weirdy

It’s been nearly two months since I stopped shaving and I’m very pleased with the facial hair I’ve got coming through.  Most people assume that I’ve started hormone therapy when in fact it’s just hirsutism as a symptom of polycystic ovary syndrome.  Either way it’s definitely helping me to pass.

The only issue is that most of the growth is very soft and very blonde (and some of it is actually white/grey!).  I was chatting about this to our friend Babs and she decided to have a go at colouring it in using a mascara brush and eye shadow!

Obviously not a very practical thing because it’s non permanent but it gave me an impression of what I’ll look like with a beard and also a burning desire to grow one.

In the meantime I’ve bought a beard trimmer to tidy up the growth on my chin and I’ve got some Just For Men Beard and Moustache Dye to have a play with.  I had a bit of a go with it last night to help define my top lip.  Was expecting to have some sort of skin reaction but since the product is only on for a few minutes there was no irritation at all which is encouraging.



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