Shared care

Got a call from the GP surgery today that has pretty much popped my bubble of elation about the Glasgow appointment.  Apparently he has received the shared care agreement from Dr Myskow and he has concerns about it.  He wants to see me to discuss it.

“Ok, when can I see him? March 19th.  No, that’s just not quick enough – I’m going to Glasgow on March 15th I need to see him before then.  Sorry there are no other appointments.  Can I have a telephone appointment? No, he doesn’t do that.”

What the actual fuck?  I asked him specifically if he would continue a private prescription under a shared care agreement.  He was totally up for it and now he’s not sure?  I can’t afford to go exclusively private – regular travel to Edinburgh, consultations, prescriptions and blood tests are just beyond me.  I’ve already spent £400 on the initial consultation and committed to another £600 to go to Glasgow – all of it will be for nothing if Dr Patel pulls out of our deal.

I’m beside myself with anxiety and I feel betrayed.  My dysphoria is consuming me.  I’ve emailed his secretary to try and get more information since the receptionists are just stonewalling me.  I’ve emailed Edinburgh for the shared care agreement to see what on earth could have freaked him out so much.

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