T day!

Another visit to Your GP, Edinburgh for my second appointment with Dr Myskow.  She confirmed that she’d received the psychiatric report and wanted to check that I was still happy to proceed with hormone therapy.

We discussed the regimen for injections and blood tests (although she did say that I would get a letter confirming it all so I bought a brand new notepad for nothing!) followed by a detailed chat about possible side effects and the anticipated changes as a result of the treatment.  I have my next injection in six weeks time then the third one twelve weeks after that.  I need to have a blood test to check testosterone levels just before the third injection then return to Edinburgh with the results.  As the Nebido is a slow release depot injection the dosage is altered by changing the frequency of administration.  The next appointment reviewing the blood levels will determine the intervals of my subsequent injections – usually between ten and sixteen weeks apart.

She then administered my first injection of Nebido 1000mg/4ml.  It’s an oil based preparation for intramuscular administration – the solution is quite thick and took several minutes to inject.  I was expecting it to hurt more than it did – just a scratch then a burning sensation.  The worst part for me was having to expose my bare ass to a stranger then make excruciating small talk during the process.

The consultation was an hour long at £250 plus £150 for the testosterone injection.  As an added bonus I used my Tesco credit card to pay again so extra Clubcard points!  I feel so lucky to be able to start treatment privately – from my first appointment to my first injection has been exactly seven weeks which is pretty incredible.

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