Voice coaching

Went to Lancaster today to the transmasculine voice coaching workshop organised by Lancashire LGBT.  I wasn’t really in the right head space having received father’s birthday insult before we set off.  The guy delivering the seminar had also transitioned so clearly knew his stuff but his manner just got on my nerves.  We had to go individually around the group trying various exercises and he would critique our performance.  He accused me of trying too hard and forcing my voice.  I was just trying to follow his instructions but “you must relax” wasn’t really helping.  The whole thing was rather excruciating and  I left it feeling quite wound up.

We had a banana and Nutella crepe from the food market followed by a walk by the river which cheered me up.  The Vue cinema in Lancaster is only a fiver so we treated ourselves to a movie (Life of the Party, a comedy starring one of our favourite actresses Melissa McCarthy) and popcorn – the first time we’ve been to the cinema in about 20 years!

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