Blood test

What a load of drama that was! I needed a blood test before my second 12 week injection to check my testosterone levels.  The blood needs to be taken same day before the injection to give trough levels.  My injection was booked for 10.40am so I arrived at Chorley hospital at 9am – plenty of time in my mind.  Unfortunately, when I arrived and pulled a ticket mine said 83 and they were just doing 47.  Two hours I waited before being called – I had to cancel my appointment at the doctors and there was a bit of panic when the receptionist said there were no other appointments.  I explained that I had to have the injection that day so she offered me the chance to sit and wait for a free slot.  Dr Patel gave me the injection, moving the needle once to change injection site which meant that it hurt considerably less than last time.

Emailed the medical secretary to ask her to email the results over when they came in and she sent them last week – 12.5 nmol which is not bad but probably a little bit low so Dr Myskow may consider increasing the frequency of my injections to raise the levels slightly.

2nd Injection

I got my 2nd injection today (6 weeks – part of the loading phase) and boy did it hurt!  Frustratingly not while he was doing it otherwise I’d have said something but within 5 minutes the pain was quite incredible.  I genuinely thought I was going to be sick and it was awful driving home.  I think next time I’m going to ask him to do it more slowly to see if that helps any.

T day +1

I was absolutely shattered yesterday after a full day in Edinburgh.  The initial euphoria has worn off somewhat and my ass definitely hurts more than it did yesterday.  I couldn’t lie on my left side without discomfort so my sleep was quite poor last night.  I feel very stiff and achey today but I don’t know whether that’s the injection or two and half hours sat on a train followed by seven miles of walking around Edinburgh topped off with another two and a half hours on the train home.

It’s probably completely psychosomatic but now begins the waiting for changes – every different physical or emotional sensation examined in minute detail to decide whether it’s as a result of the testosterone or just some random mood or itch.

I’ve definitely noticed the first change – within a couple of hours of the injection – my wee smells different!

T day!

Another visit to Your GP, Edinburgh for my second appointment with Dr Myskow.  She confirmed that she’d received the psychiatric report and wanted to check that I was still happy to proceed with hormone therapy.

We discussed the regimen for injections and blood tests (although she did say that I would get a letter confirming it all so I bought a brand new notepad for nothing!) followed by a detailed chat about possible side effects and the anticipated changes as a result of the treatment.  I have my next injection in six weeks time then the third one twelve weeks after that.  I need to have a blood test to check testosterone levels just before the third injection then return to Edinburgh with the results.  As the Nebido is a slow release depot injection the dosage is altered by changing the frequency of administration.  The next appointment reviewing the blood levels will determine the intervals of my subsequent injections – usually between ten and sixteen weeks apart.

She then administered my first injection of Nebido 1000mg/4ml.  It’s an oil based preparation for intramuscular administration – the solution is quite thick and took several minutes to inject.  I was expecting it to hurt more than it did – just a scratch then a burning sensation.  The worst part for me was having to expose my bare ass to a stranger then make excruciating small talk during the process.

The consultation was an hour long at £250 plus £150 for the testosterone injection.  As an added bonus I used my Tesco credit card to pay again so extra Clubcard points!  I feel so lucky to be able to start treatment privately – from my first appointment to my first injection has been exactly seven weeks which is pretty incredible.

Glasgow – second opinion

We arrived in plenty of time for the appointment because I was super nervous.  I needn’t have been nervous because Dr Yellowlees was lovely.  He put me at ease almost immediately and the session was basically the abridged version of my life story to the present time with particular focus on my mental health issues.  He was satisfied that my mental health problems don’t have any influence on my decision to transition and said he would be providing Dr Myskow with a supportive report within 7 to 10 days.

False alarm

Saw the GP today and he’s still onboard with the shared care agreement.  All he wanted was to check that I would take responsibility for the ongoing monitoring – arranging the blood tests, etc.  I don’t have a problem with that at all.  I explained that Edinburgh will still be overseeing the whole thing so he had an expert to ask at any point he needed them.

So everything is all go for next Thursday in Glasgow.

Shared care

Got a call from the GP surgery today that has pretty much popped my bubble of elation about the Glasgow appointment.  Apparently he has received the shared care agreement from Dr Myskow and he has concerns about it.  He wants to see me to discuss it.

“Ok, when can I see him? March 19th.  No, that’s just not quick enough – I’m going to Glasgow on March 15th I need to see him before then.  Sorry there are no other appointments.  Can I have a telephone appointment? No, he doesn’t do that.”

What the actual fuck?  I asked him specifically if he would continue a private prescription under a shared care agreement.  He was totally up for it and now he’s not sure?  I can’t afford to go exclusively private – regular travel to Edinburgh, consultations, prescriptions and blood tests are just beyond me.  I’ve already spent £400 on the initial consultation and committed to another £600 to go to Glasgow – all of it will be for nothing if Dr Patel pulls out of our deal.

I’m beside myself with anxiety and I feel betrayed.  My dysphoria is consuming me.  I’ve emailed his secretary to try and get more information since the receptionists are just stonewalling me.  I’ve emailed Edinburgh for the shared care agreement to see what on earth could have freaked him out so much.