Surgery postponed again

I rang Spire Hull today to make another installment on my chest reconstruction surgery and was told that they had no record of an appointment.

I explained that I’d received a preoperative assessment appointment and then subsequently called to enquire about a surgery date. She said that they were still under NHS control with no end date so I should assume that the appointment will be cancelled.

I’m absolutely gutted. With the increasing numbers of covid infections I’m seriously doubting whether it will happen at all this year. The weather has been intolerably hot and I’m really struggling in my binder. I’m not sure how much more I can put up with.

Surgery cancelled

Read online today that Spire have contracted out their beds to the NHS to help deal with the covid-19 crisis so I guess that’s my chest surgery cancelled. I think I would have preferred to hear it directly from them rather than a press release but I suppose they’ll be in touch eventually.

I understand that it’s an elective procedure and not an emergency but that really doesn’t make it feel any better. All the arrangements such as accommodation will have to be cancelled but I want to wait until I’ve received official confirmation of the cancellation before I start messing about with them.

I’m a bit numb at the moment to be honest, all I can think about is another summer having to wear a binder.