T day +153 (22 weeks)

I’ve had a couple more injections since April and I thought I would explore the changes I’ve experienced as a result of the hormone therapy in preparation for my review appointment with Dr Myskow tomorrow.


  • Happy – I’m definitely happier, whether or not this is actually the hormones or just the fact that I’m moving forward with the transition, is unknown.  I’m considering reducing my anti-depressant dose but I want to ensure my hormone levels are stable before tinkering.
  • Irritable – everything annoys me especially rude people (which appear to be multiplying in numbers every day)
  • Spatial awareness – clumsy is now my middle name, I’m banging into things and dropping stuff quite a lot.  I’m hoping this will subside once I’m further along in the puberty process.
  • Confidence – in some respects I feel more confident especially in new situations which I expect is due to feeling more comfortable within myself.  However, I’ve taken a bit of a step backwards facing people from my previous life.  I seemed to be actively avoiding engaging with people who aren’t aware of my transition and when forced to confront them I feel embarrassed and ill at ease.


  • Voice – my voice has definitely dropped and according to the voice pitch analyzer app is firmly within the male range from the androgynous range that it started in.
  • Hair – I am increasingly furry on my torso and particularly on my legs and bum!  My moustache is improving and the sideburns are drifting towards filling into my beard.  I suspect I’ve got a long way to go before my beard is bushy but the signs are encouraging.
  • Bottom growth – things are definitely getting bigger down there and a lot more sensitive.
  • Libido – this has generally increased but waxes and wanes which is quite weird.
  • Hot flushes – during the hot weather this was particularly unpleasant but generally manageable.
  • Tiredness – I feel quite tired a lot.  I’ve no idea whether this is specifically hormone related but I could sleep for England at the moment.
  • Increased appetite – this is becoming a bit of an issue.  I’m just ravenous all the time which is really impacting on my weight loss efforts.
  • Fat distribution – things seem to be shifting round a bit and heading towards a beer gut which is getting me down a bit at the moment.  I think I’ve got some movement of fat from my hips as my trousers seem to be hanging differently.
  • General growth – my feet seem to have started to grow a little so I’m desperately trying to wear all my favourite pairs of trainers while they still fit.  I feel like I’m also growing taller which seems rather ridiculous so perhaps it’s just improved posture as a result of increased confidence.
  • Acne – I’ve got some acne on my chest and back which is pretty sore and uncomfortable but fortunately, despite the skin feeling more oily, I’ve had nothing on my face with the exception of the odd pimple.
  • Menstruation – this seems to have calmed down and fingers crossed if my levels stay stable I shouldn’t have to endure this again.



T day +1

I was absolutely shattered yesterday after a full day in Edinburgh.  The initial euphoria has worn off somewhat and my ass definitely hurts more than it did yesterday.  I couldn’t lie on my left side without discomfort so my sleep was quite poor last night.  I feel very stiff and achey today but I don’t know whether that’s the injection or two and half hours sat on a train followed by seven miles of walking around Edinburgh topped off with another two and a half hours on the train home.

It’s probably completely psychosomatic but now begins the waiting for changes – every different physical or emotional sensation examined in minute detail to decide whether it’s as a result of the testosterone or just some random mood or itch.

I’ve definitely noticed the first change – within a couple of hours of the injection – my wee smells different!

T day!

Another visit to Your GP, Edinburgh for my second appointment with Dr Myskow.  She confirmed that she’d received the psychiatric report and wanted to check that I was still happy to proceed with hormone therapy.

We discussed the regimen for injections and blood tests (although she did say that I would get a letter confirming it all so I bought a brand new notepad for nothing!) followed by a detailed chat about possible side effects and the anticipated changes as a result of the treatment.  I have my next injection in six weeks time then the third one twelve weeks after that.  I need to have a blood test to check testosterone levels just before the third injection then return to Edinburgh with the results.  As the Nebido is a slow release depot injection the dosage is altered by changing the frequency of administration.  The next appointment reviewing the blood levels will determine the intervals of my subsequent injections – usually between ten and sixteen weeks apart.

She then administered my first injection of Nebido 1000mg/4ml.  It’s an oil based preparation for intramuscular administration – the solution is quite thick and took several minutes to inject.  I was expecting it to hurt more than it did – just a scratch then a burning sensation.  The worst part for me was having to expose my bare ass to a stranger then make excruciating small talk during the process.

The consultation was an hour long at £250 plus £150 for the testosterone injection.  As an added bonus I used my Tesco credit card to pay again so extra Clubcard points!  I feel so lucky to be able to start treatment privately – from my first appointment to my first injection has been exactly seven weeks which is pretty incredible.